Inspire Excellent Drivers

Company Profile

Institut Memandu Excellence Automotive Driving Sdn. Bhd. (EAD) is one of the leading companies in providing D, DA, B2, and B class of driving licenses in Kuala Langat.

Our driving institute is built on 5 acres of land complete with facilities such as office buildings, prayer rooms, rest rooms, meeting rooms, canteens, and training circuit for motorcycles and cars.

EAD was established in 2009. We started our operation soon after we received the permit from Jawatankuasa Permit Sekolah Memandu Malaysia on January 2009. Now, we have opened 4 branches around Kuala Langat. Our training centre is located in Kampung Seri Cheeding, Banting Selangor. With more than 70 multi-types of vehicles and more than 60 trained employees, we are sure to deliver professional services for people around Kuala Langat.

Our main campus circuit is used not only for training but also for the test conducted by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ). This means that our circuit is able to fulfill JPJ specifications. We are committed to inspire excellent drivers that are responsible and well educated.


Cultivate road users who are well educated, careful, and skilled in all aspects of road safety and traffic laws.


Develop a teaching and learning system that is more professional and easy to grasp, and to be Malaysia’s prime driving institution


  1. To become the top driving institution in cultivating conscientious, disciplined, and responsible drivers.
  2. To develop an effective education system of high quality.
  3. To maintain a good bond and cooperation between IM and JPJ.


Institut Memandu Excellence Automotive Driving Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to provide a comprehensive driving school service by:

  1. Preparing well-equipped, comfortable, and good facilities.
  2. Prioritising customers and providing polite and friendly service.
  3. Providing professional service.
  4. Nurturing drivers who are conscientious and competent on the road.
  5. Reduce the accident rate.


Inspire Excellent Drivers